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Generally speaking the 'Cloud' refers to the internet.

So Cloud computing is computing over the internet.

The value to Cloud varies. The main benfits include the scope you can create to focus on other things by giving responsibilty for maintenance and upkeep of servers and software to someone else; the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can go about your business from anywhere you can find an internet connection, and not be exposed to the downtime risks associated with a fixed location; and finally, having the ability to bring greater certainty to cashflow by replacing irregular and often heavy capital expenditure with regular and predictable operational expenditure.

In a nutshell: freedom, flexibility and predictability.

There are many variations of Cloud computing; servers in the Cloud, software in the Cloud, private Cloud and public Cloud. The Manage IT team is able to deliver all of these Cloud services and it is highly likely that at least one of these will be able to deliver tangible value to your business.

Our core promises

At the end of the day, when you strip everything back to the basics, that old question still remains...


Whats in it for me?

Manage IT are focussed on delivering 5 core promises to business owners across New Zealand.

1: Peace of mind

Ever had those 'head in the hands' moments with IT just wont work for you? We promise to make those moments go away by offering you:

✔︎ 24/7/365 monitoring of your IT systems

✔︎ Unlimited phone support

✔︎ Unlimited on-site support

✔︎ Service level guarantees

2: Better cash flow

IT can often seem to be a bottomless pit you are always throwing money into. We promise to bring cost certainty to the IT side of your business by providing you:

✔︎ All your IT needs consolidated into one package

✔︎ A fixed monthly cost for IT

✔︎ Increased system uptime, helping to make your business more productive

✔︎ Significant reductions in your capital expenditure

3: Less downtime

We have become so reliant on technology that when it doesn't work business can come to a grinding halt. We promise to reduce your risk of IT downtime by giving you:

✔︎ Basic services delivered via the internet so they are available wherever you can get the internet

✔︎ Backups done over the internet and stored off-site so they are always up to date and ready for a quick restore

✔︎ Fail-over systems ensuring your business critical services are always available

✔︎ Proactive monitoring and repair of issues before they cause headaches

4: Always up to date

One of the great frustrations about technology is its tendency to go out of date very quickly, often leaving you with the added cost of having to keep pace with the changes. We promise that your IT systems will always be up to date by making avavailable to you:

✔︎ Cloud based servers where it is our responsibility to keep hardware and software up to date

✔︎ Software that is delivered from the Cloud where the CLoud provider keeps their products secure, up to date and available

✔︎ Leasing plans that enable you to refresh your IT hardware every 3 years allowing it to keep pace with the developments in software and increased workload

✔︎ News on exactly where technology is heading and advice that ensures your IT model is spot on for your needs

5: More time to focus on business

This is the best part. Add up all of these promises and what you get is more time for you to focuss on the business and not be distracted by what's going on in the business. You will be able to:

✔︎ Scope out new opportunities

✔︎ Expand into new markets

✔︎ Direct resources where it's really needed

✔︎ Create room for greater capital investment

Understanding risk and IT

Most things in business are about risk, reward and consequence...

Just how much risk are we prepared to take in relation to the potential rewards... and the potential consequences?

Many businesses view IT as an area where they can cut corners, and save a few bucks - take a risk.

"That old server's going fine, I reckon I can get another year out of it"

"I know my anti-virus is a bit old, but it hasn't caused me any problems"

"I might skip the odd backup, but I haven't been caught out yet"

Have you ever had a reason to consider the potential cost to your business of taking these risks? In the past it may have been easy to justify the risk by boldly saying "the cost of regularly maintaining IT is going to be higher than the cost of the repair and downtime".

But that isn't the case today. Cloud computing, managed services and online backup are changing the face of computing by making it easier and more cost effective to mitigate risk. The Manage IT team are committed to driving down the overall cost of IT to business. We want you to have a greater certainty around your IT costs, have peace of mind that your business is safe and secure and have scope to focuss on the growth and development of the business.

We want to reduce your exposure to risk.


For Professionally Managed IT Services.