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Manage IT – Your Network and IT Systems' Bodyguard

We're not dressed up in black suits with dark glasses and earpiece communication devices. We do however have a number of options to keep a close eye on the security of your business' computing systems, ensuring that the mafia are not infiltrating your network.

Security standards are always changing to keep up with the fast pace of the IT world. This is why it's so important to use an IT consulting company like Manage IT. We have our eyes on the ball all the time, adapting to changes as they happen in order to provide your IT infrastructure with the latest and most secure security systems available.

Our various external and internal security measures include:

External measures
  • Security audit
  • Hardware firewalls (managed and unmanaged)
  • Email relay tests - These tests ensure that the email server on your network does not allow other email servers to connect and send email via it. Spammers often locate an open relay server and exploit it to send spam.
  • Hosted and on-premise email and proxy filters – Threat metrics scan for viruses, spam and other potential threats.


Internal measures
  • User Account Policy - Account policies are the rules that control user account authentication parameters.
  • Password protection - Password policies can define specific password requirements such as maximum password age, minimum length, account lockout, failed login attempts etc.
  • Security Accounts – Certain network authority accounts can have elevated priveleges on the network.
  • VPN Access – You can specify the users that should have the ability to access the network remotely via a VPN connection.

We also provide summary reports with security updates and recommendations regarding your network. And when required we can provide a comprehensive security audit which is completed by a third party security specialist. You can read more about these in our different business IT support service packages.


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