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Servers & cloud computing: matching a (virtual) server to your data needs

When it comes to small business servers, virtual servers or cloud computing, there are a myriad of server options. Selecting the right fit for your network size, backup preferences and data requirements will reduce downtime, facilitate faster installation of new applications, give you the option of managing email and even hosting your own website.

Our experts for servers and cloud computing work with you, using server-based computing solutions that offer a secure, scalable, server-based architecture for instant on-delivery of applications over any connection. From a small business server or virtual server through to cloud computing - we can advise which server management system best suits you, your budget and your business needs, source the hardware and set it up.

Cloud Computing

The trend toward cloud computing simply involves moving your data storage and/or setting up specific business applications on the internet, so the data or software is not stored at your office or workplace. Benefits of cloud computing include the increased ability to access data remotely, reduced hardware outlays and upgrades, and the reassurance of off-site storage for backup and recovery – an advantage in the event of another earthquake. Cloud computing works best when you have a high-speed data cable for internet connections. If your internet connection is based on copper wires or is unreliable, then cloud computing may not be the ideal solution.

Small Business Servers

Increasing workloads place increasing demands on your servers. With a proven track record of successful installation, we can help to specify and source a small business server to store and traffic your data, whether you've got 4 computers in your office or 400! Our server-based computing solutions offer a range of features, including:

  • Extensive research and development behind each solution design
  • Seamless, reliable and predictable user experience
  • Consistent performance
  • Full-feature functionality
  • Extends application access to employees, business partners, vendors and customers


Virtual Server Options

A virtual server is popular for businesses with large data storage needs, proprietary software, multiple websites, or a strong online presence. Because your website is hosted on its own [usually large] server, you don't have to compete with other websites for access. A virtual server is more secure than shared servers and enables you to create your own software programmes.

Take the guesswork out of choosing servers for your business computer systems. Talk to us about selecting the server management system that will optimise your business, not jeopardise it.

Service Agreements

If you have a sizeable network which requires multiple software installations and servicing there are benefits of partnering in our regular, server-based computing service:

  • Rapid deployment of applications and accelerated upgrades
  • Instant on-delivery of applications from a single point over any connection
  • Utilisation of standard products and technologies
  • Reduced remote servicing costs


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