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Network consulting: network support & computing for your business

Your computer networking needs grow with your business. When there's an outage, Manage IT's remote network consulting service means we can be there faster – even if we're there in a 'virtual' sense.

Manage IT's network support covers many areas. Perhaps you're integrating new smartphones and tablets, or are increasing flexibility for staff by providing remote access. Your computer networking needs to be robust and restrict access to confidential information with security protocols.

Our network consulting experts provide all the necessary hardware including network interface cards, repeaters and hubs, bridges, routers as well as firewalls, ensuring that your network performance levels are optimised with enhanced security options for protection.

Our various network support packages provide more information about the type of network consulting we specialise in.

We also understand that different companies require different networks. It doesn't matter if you need a personal area network (PAN), local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or virtual private network (VPN), Manage IT can set up the network that best suits your business.

Below is an example of a network system we recently set up
(click on image to view large image):


This is the entry-level network support mechanism that must be purchased in any case. This unlimited service allows you to call Manage IT and access computer networking support over the phone. Each call is logged and an assigned engineer will contact you within the confines of the service level agreement (SLA).

This service is optional. It allows us to fix problems remotely. We only gain access to your systems once you log a call and after telephone support has been unable to fix the problem.

This service is optional. It allows the Manage IT support team to fix computer networking problems on site.

Manage IT's network support team will visit your site when a problem has been reported and telephone support did not work. This service could require a number of visits, all of which will be controlled by you. Time utilised is deducted from your quota after each visit.

This service is the same as Re-active support except the site visits can be planned over the term of the contract to provided preventive maintenance, housekeeping and support calls that are unsolved and require scheduled server down time.

This service is optional. Manage IT's support team will manage your back office infrastructure, monitoring and servers, backups, virus updates etc. In most cases, our monitoring team will know about an item failing or under-performing before you do and will take the appropriate action to resolve the issue with 2- to 12-hour responses on servers and workstations. This is the time in which the Manage IT network consulting team will respond to a fault call and aim to provide a solution. Fault calls are logged and SLAs can be tracked. In the case that fault calls cannot be resolved in the allotted time, it is very quickly escalated to senior management.

This allows you to buy and then focus on gaining the business benefit of their investment.

Any issues within a defined remit are the clear responsibilities of Manage IT. This ensures that you can make fast, effective problem resolution decisions.

Our Application Service Guarantee means that you can be assured that your applications will be available for use when you need.


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